Sunday, August 01, 2004

Stratham Fair, Again

Today was miserably hot and humid. I can't believe I used to live in Japan through months of this kind of weather. No wonder I spent most of the time in the apartment, with the air conditioner cranked, watching tv.
It showered on and off throughout the day and my dad called asking if we were interested in going to the Stratham Fair, so I decided to put off the Maine Faire until another week and we went to Stratham instead. I went on Thursday night, but my girl hadn't been this year. My sister and her family ended up going with us too, so this time I experience the kid version of the fair, which basically consisted of checking out the animals, spending wads of cash on the games to win crappy little stuffed animals, going on a few rides and consuming frightening amounts of sugar. They had a blast.


cj said...

Do they have candy floss (uh, the pink kind) in fairs over there? Here in the UK, well, they have this chewy, coloured stuff on a rather sharp twig and charge a fortune, but I always thought that true candy floss should be better somehow..... I'm getting too old.....


Pam said...

Is candy floss what we call cotton candy? If so, yes they have it at the fair. There was pink and blue, but the gal spun up a pink one around a paper cone for my daughter. It was bigger than her head and ended up stuck all over the both of us. They were selling bags of pre-spun cotton candy, but when you order it by the cone they make it up for you right there.