Friday, August 13, 2004

Bye Newmarket

I liked living in Newmarket. It's a cool, funky little town. I wouldn't have minded living here a little longer. My apartment is wonderful, even though a couple of the skylights leak when the hurricane downpours pass through. I like seeing horses out my bedroom window and beautiful flowers out my living room window. I've even grown rather fond of the horse who lives downstairs and coughs like a man.
This place was great for me. It provided a well needed, comfortable refuge at a time when I couldn't have needed one more. But some things are even more valuable than a really great apartment and I really need to get back to that particular town and neighborhood for the coming school year.
The next place I'm moving to is also very nice. It has a larger kitchen, a bath rather than just a shower, a third bedroom that will be an office, a nice yard and patio, and a gas fireplace. It doesn't have skylights or horses or the privacy of this apartment, but it's close to my girl's school and I can even have my dog there. It will be good, too.
I've read that it takes about three months to begin to really settle into a new place. As of Saturday, I will have been here for exactly three months. I can start to move into the new place on Sunday. Eventually I'm going to find a good place to settle down. I'm ready for that.

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