Thursday, August 05, 2004

Night Time Farm Drama

Last night there was something big and fuzzy moving around outside that was too big to be any of the barn kitties. It didn't move like a cat either, but had a weird, hopping lope. When I went over to the window to get a better look at it, I saw it was a skunk. There were two cats sitting out in the drive watching it. The skunk went back behind the sunflowers and then into the barn across the drive from me. The horses were in their stalls, but they didn't seem very bothered by the skunk's presence. After a few minutes the skunk came out of that barn, loped across the drive and went into the downstairs part of the barn I live in. The cats never flinched. The skunk never sprayed.
I just spoke to my landlady and she told me there have been three skunks around. They come into the barn and eat the cats' food. She said one of them brushed right up against her leg, but it didn't spray. I never knew they were so bold.

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Mark said...

I love skunks. Sure, they're stinky, but they're really intelligent little creatures. When I was a kid, a big momma skunk had her babies under our barn. She brought them out after a few weeks as if to show them off to us. Those babies were the cutest things in the world.