Monday, August 16, 2004

Making It Home

I'm in transition between the two apartments I'm paying for until the end of the month. Yesterday my sister and I went and picked up the bed and dresser I got for my girl on Saturday and we brought it back to my new place. Today the girl and I went there and I put her room together. It's by no means finished, but it looks awesome. The color scheme is white, magenta, deep purple and bright green. The dresser is white and modern. The bed has striped sheets of white, magenta, deep purple and bright green and a satiny purple comforter and bed skirt. There are a couple of accent pieces, a desk chair and a storage unit that will work as a nightstand, that are white and magenta, kind of like Barbie furniture for humans. I got those through Freecycle. The carpet is light green. It's very cool looking and is probably the nicest room she has had in her life to date.
My room has light green carpet and a few cardboard boxes on the floor. I'll get to it when I can. I'm still trying to get the kitchen in some sort of functional mode. I got a love seat for the living room so at least there would be something to sit on there. It will be delivered on Thursday, which is the same day they'll come to hook up the tv (which I haven't bought yet), internet and phone service. I didn't want to get a full sized sofa because I thought it might overpower the space. Now I'm worried the love seat is going to be too small. I still need to get a billion other things. I was spoiled living in a fully furnished place. At least I still get to come back to the furnished place every evening and relax in a little luxury and comfort.

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