Friday, August 13, 2004

Going, going ...

It's just mid-August, but I can already see signs that summer is fading. Last weekend I spotted a branch up in an old tree that was already changing colors. It's still early for foliage, but all the leaves have deepened to a dark green now, the goldenrod is starting to bloom and sometimes I spy a branch in an old or unwell tree that has already turned yellow or orange. Of course, I understand the nature of the seasons, but I always feel a little bit sad to see summer go. I probably shouldn't feel sad to watch this particular summer fade because I think better times lay ahead for me, but amidst all the turmoil and upheaval there have been some stellar moments. It's a good thing I've been writing through it all, not only here but elsewhere, because this is going to be one of those years I look back on and wonder how the hell I ever got through it all.

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