Tuesday, August 31, 2004

But I Love It Anyway

Last week I attended a two-day workshop on instructional technology. One of the topics that was discussed was how to get students to critically evaluate the information they get from Google searches.
I see that someone today found this blog from a Google search on "how to become a university teacher". Ha! Ha ha ha! That's wicked funny.
If you're looking here to find out how to become a university teacher, you are looking in the wrong place. One tip-- if you want tenure and the big bucks, you have to get a PhD. And try to find a job at a school that offers a major in your subject. Ok, that was two. Classes just started this week and my mouth/fingers have a tendency to run on. If only I took my own advice...
On the plus side, enrollment for my classes is excellent. I had five students trying to add my intro level course that was already maxed out at a capacity of 25 students. I'm sorry it's not possible to accomodate everyone who wants to take the class, but it's very satisfying to report back to my boss that demand for the subject is high.

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