Saturday, July 31, 2004

Summer Weekend

So, what do New Hampshire people do on a summer weekend? I can't speak for all 26 of us here in the state, but I can tell you what I've been doing this weekend.
Seeing as how I am still on summer my vacation, my weekend can start as early as I like it to. This weekend started on Thursday evening because that's the night I went to the Stratham Fair with my boyfriend. (okay, yeah, there, I said it. I have a boyfriend. He's awesome. Throw rocks if you must, but I reserve the right to duck). The Stratham Fair is a cute little country fair. It has 4H exhibits including pigs, sheep, cows and bunnies, tractor pull contests, booths selling all kinds of trinkets. carnival rides, a variety of food and live entertainment. I never went to the fair as a kid, not that I remember anyway, but I have been several times in the past several years. I always get a kick out of it. This time I even rode the ferris wheel, despite my fear of heights. It was nice as it was sunset with the sun all orange and sinking on one side, the nearly full moon rising on the other and all the lights of the fairground below.
It was hot and muggy on Friday, so I didn't go out and accomplish much. There was some translation work waiting to be dealt with, so I did that for a couple of hours. Mostly I just kicked back, relaxed at home and worked on my crochet project a little.
Today was also hot and muggy. I picked up my girl around noon and we came back home to have some lunch. We went out to Payless Shoe Source where we got three pairs of shoes (two for her, one for me) for a grand total of $13.49. That's a pretty unbeatable deal. Later on we headed over to Packers Falls to go swimming. It was very refreshing, even though I did discover a couple of small leech-like looking things on my legs when I got out of the pond. On the way home we stopped by the organic farm stand next door and bought a couple of summer squash and a "gourmet lebanese squash". I've never had the lebanese squash before. It's the size and shape of a summer squash, but light green rather than yellow. I'm going to saute the squash with some fresh herbs from out on the deck and have that for dinner along with some leftovers that are in the fridge. Tonight I'm watching "The Princess Diaries" with my girl and starting a new crochet project since I finished the kercheif already.
Hopefully, the weather will be okay tomorrow and I'll be taking my girl to her first ever renaissance fair, the Maine Renaissance Fair. She has a killer costume and I will be appropriately attired as well. I'll try to get some pictures of us to post here.

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