Thursday, July 29, 2004

Pamming About

Ok folks, time to pencil a new entry into your reference books. I hereby officially coin the phrase "to pam about" as a new standard idiom of the English language.
To pam about
1. To expend inordinate amounts of time accomplishing very little.
The phrase was first coined circa 1988 by a certain individual who shall henceforth be known only by his initials, JH, due to the fact that said coiner is now a business executive who would no doubt be appalled to have his now reputable name linked with such frivolity as this blog or the author thereof. First recalled usage was, "Stop pamming about and let's go already!", uttered by JH in exasperation while waiting for this Pam to get ready to go out. Uttered while said JH was broke, unemployed and living on the floor of this writer's hovel of an apartment in a state quite far removed from what one may imagine to be the executive splendor in which he now resides in Tokyo.
Pamming about differs from merely wasting time in that the subject who is pamming about may appear to be engaged in some useful or meaningful task, but is actually accomplishing very little, if anything at all. Also, the amount of time consumed by pamming about is frighteningly large and consumes anywhere from an hour to an entire day. Pamming about also often involves a certain level of good-natured (hopefully) annoyance on the part of the individual employing the term, as it is so often used in sentences which begin with "stop", "quit", or "are you through".
As this blog may be seen as a prime example of pamming about, I hereby rename it: Pamming About. (at least temporarily)

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