Monday, July 05, 2004


Foster's Daily Democrat says Rochester's celebration a hit , but I'd say it was more of a miss. On Saturday night we went to the Rochester fairgrounds to see their Independence Day celebration. We got there early and had a fun time checking out all the vendors and varieties of artery clogging treats. There was entertainment on stage, but I always find people watching in the crowd is at least as entertaining as whatever show is going on. The fireworks show started late, after 9:30, and was great for the entire 5 minutes of it. It appeared that a couple of fireworks exploded on the ground. After the second explosion, the field lights were turned on and people started packing up and leaving. Several people in the crowd told us there had been an injury and the show was done. The stage and PA system were still set up, but no one got up to make an official announcement. We headed back to the car and waited with the other 15,000 people there for our turn to get out of the lot and onto the road.
When I got home I watched the local evening news, but they only said that the show had been cancelled due to injuries. When I checked the local paper the following morning, it reported that the show had in fact gone on at midnight for a crowd of 100. Today I heard that another fireworks show had been scheduled for tonight, the original rain date. Then on this evenin's news I heard the show has been cancelled due to rain. Oh well.
I saw the Dover fireworks from my sister's front lawn last night. It was a pretty good show and the facilities were very comfortable.

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