Monday, July 26, 2004


Despite the fact that I woke up this on Monday-est of mornings with a splitting headache and images of a nightmare lingering in my head, it turned out to be an okay day. There was a definite setback at one point, but I got some progress made on preparing things for classes for the fall semester and finished up and sent off a relatively easy yet lucrative translation job, as well. Probably the high point of the day was receiving my daughter's faire costume in the mail. Not that many people make or sell garb for kids, and much of what is out there is either cheesy halloween costume type stuff or scarily expensive. Lucky for me, I discovered a great new eBay seller, Tara the Tailor, who makes garb for both adults and children. She even sewed the bodice with double seams in the back and sides so I can let them out as my daughter grows. It's back to the faire for me this weekend!

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