Friday, July 16, 2004

Shine On

I am The Sun

In the tarot the Sun symbolizes vitality and splendor. The Sun is definitely not a meek and retiring card. You have total confidence in yourself. You are not cocky, but profoundly sure of your power. You have unlimited energy and glow with health. You have a greatness about you and stand out brilliantly. Finally, you see and understand all that is happening within your sphere. When you see this card, know that you will be successful at all you undertake. Now is the time to let your light shine.

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Very nice. Don't I wish I had total confidence in myself. I do have confidence that all this divorce shit I'm going through (oh my! I said it! The "D" word!) will some day be done. Or at least it will be started and on its way to being done. And the fact that every utterly typical situation and reaction any expert I talk to tells me about maps perfectly to the way things are right now is actually somehow soothing to me. When you're going through it, it all feels like such a uniquely personal hell.

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