Monday, October 18, 2004

Girl Power... I hope

The neighborhood gerbil expert came over today and informed me that she believes the three gerbils my girl got last week are all female.
I really, really hope she's right.


Bob said...

I "think" that you have a 1 in 8 chance that all three of the gerbils will be female.

To start you have 3 gerbils with 6 possible outcomes (they could be male or female). Let's say you determine the gender of one of them so you then have 2 gerbils with 4 possible outcomes. Finally, after the second gerbil's gender is determined, you have 1 gerbil with 2 possible outcomes.

If you multiply 3/6 X 2/4 X 1/2 you get 6/48 which reduces to 1/8.

I haven't done probability in a while though so I could be wrong!

Bob said...
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Anonymous said...

Assuming they're more than about five weeks old, the males will start thumping the females (and possibly other males). If you see no thumping, then they're all female.

-- Chosen