Saturday, October 30, 2004

Canvass This

I don't care what stats or True Majority Action quote to me. I hate door-to-door election canvassers. They do nothing that makes me feel encouraged to vote. Especially when the first one that visited here looked and sounded like he'd just taken a few fortifying bong hits before heading out to do his rounds. Strangers knocking on my door on a weekend afternoon do nothing but annoy me. I believe that I, and most other people around here, will go out and attend a candidate's speech or rally if we really want to hear what they have to say. Or we'll read the paper or check out the candidates' websites. Unless it's the candidate him or heself out tromping out in the rain on a Saturday afternoon, please stay the fuck off my property. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Would you rather have those loud speaker trucks rolling around the neighborhood blaring out the name of some Tanaka running for office? Tough choice, eh? By the way, when you gonna write me?

Pam said...

Legalizing guns in Japan might take care of the blaring sound systems mounted to candidates' vans problem fairly easily. All that friggin noise is just utter nonsense, but so is virtually all I've ever seen of Japanese politics.
I was pretty sure of who this is, but the Windows XP machine on YahooBB is throwing me off. I thought you were a die hard Macophile.