Tuesday, May 17, 2005

School's Out

So, did you ever wonder what teachers do when classes are done for the year? I'll tell you what I've done today.
-- Woke up at 6:00 to let the dog out.
-- Went back to bed.
-- Woke up at 7:00 for real. Made coffee for me and lunch for the girl.
-- Woke up the girl at 7:25. Chatted. Made her a strawberry banana smoothie for breakfast.
-- Took call from my sister at 7:40. Agreed to meet her for coffee downtown at 8:30 because she needed "my calming presence". heh
-- Left house at 8:10 with the girl and the dog. Walked the girl to school and then walked the dog over to the ball fields where I let him run and lure him back to me with Snausages. Didn't bring the tennis ball today because yesterday I learned he'll only play fetch with me in the house. Outside I have to play by myself and it's not much fun.
-- Brought dog home. Went to meet Sister at Dover Soul. Got there 15 minutes late. She didn't care much because they have magazines there.
-- Had more coffee and chatted with Sister for an hour. Stood around outside while she chatted with the cop on horseback since she's supposed to be volunteering to exercise the police horses on weekends.
-- Went home and worked on consulting/translation job for a couple of hours. Will only bill for 65 minutes since a lot of the time was me marveling at the craziness of comments and track changes in Microsoft Word.
-- Had a lunch of tabouleh and salad greens in a pita pocket and some nilla wafers. excellent.
-- Took a shower
-- Read for 45 minutes
-- Picked up dog poop from the yard.
-- Swept the kitchen and bathroom floors
It's 3:10. I'm now contemplating a nap. Will deal with grading and grades tomorrow. Also thinking about taking the dog for another walk after the nap.

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Kinuk said...

I can't wait for summer holls. Sadly, I've still got over 6 weeks of school left. *sigh*