Saturday, May 21, 2005

Japan Moving to Outlaw Business Suits?

The Japanese government has issued casual business dress guidelines for the summer months. Japanese salarymen traditionally wear their dark business suits year round, even in July and August when temperatures soar into the 90s. In order to keep from being absolutely miserable inside and out, offices are extremely air conditioned. The guidelines are intended to encourage businessmen to dress more comfortably, so that the use of air conditioners can be decreased, resulting in lower power consumption and less air conditioner exhaust being pumped into the city streets.
I wonder how the train companies are going to react to this movement. Will they continue to cool the summer trains to meat locker conditions? At least the business suits kept you from being pressed flesh to flesh with the the salarymen.

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Joel said...

That sounds like my kind of country! I love it when it is cool!