Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Rest of The Day

--Napped until after 4
-- Vacuumed the living room and played fetch with the dog indoors
-- Picked up the girl from play rehearsal at 5
-- Went back to school with the girl, this time with money, so she could buy some books at the book fair
-- Surfed the internet a little and then made dinner
-- Ate dinner with my girl. A lovely meal of pork tenderloin, broccoli slaw, green beans with almonds and rice. Did the dishes after.
-- More computer time
-- Watched American Idol with the girl. Watched more tv after that too.
-- Said good night to my girl and dog
-- IMed with my wonderful-even-when-grumpy boyfriend
-- Noticed the downstairs neighbor who will be moving soon has his giggly girlfriend over and is playing music or a game with an annoying repetive bass line. I expect them to get progressively drunker and louder, since it seems that's what they do. I'd like to go down and ask him to quiet down but he's putting up with the dog racing up and down the hall and barking before 7am half the week and he's moving soon and I want to buy their washer and dryer from them, so I'll just keep it to myself. Well, and share it with you.
--Blogging this
-- Wash face, take out lenses, floss and brush teeth, sleep


Bob said...

I finally watched Idol last night after getting home from my business trip. I love Vonzel...but she wasn't the best that night.

Pam said...

We like her too, but she just had more off performances than the other two who were still left.