Sunday, April 11, 2004

Spring Back to Life

Today is Easter. It's also my daughter's ninth birthday. My crocuses are coming into bloom. My tulips, lillies and daffodils are sending up shoots. The weather is mild. The dog is bouncy. The birds are singing in the yard. It's spring and I'm so ready for the new life and rebirth the season brings.
Being born is hard. I think every being struggles with it. Babies have to make their way out into a new world with a struggle. Plants have push their way up out of the soil into the light. But I think they all have something inside that lets them know at the end of the long, hard, dark journey everything will be all right. Not every seed blossoms into a flower. Not every baby creature makes it to adulthood. But I think they all can't help but try. I can't help but try too.