Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Phase II of the Rescue By Pampering Force

So, tomorrow I am booked for a deluxe facial at Dover Wellness and Beauty Center. This is another birthday present that I am finally getting around to enjoying 6 weeks after the fact. Back at that point I hadn't even made the announcement of my personal crisis (guess you all have probably figured out the deal by now), but maybe my family members were picking up on my distress and the need for some pampering. Now they all keep telling me to take care of myself and pamper myself so I can cut the stress back, even just a little. Last week the hot stone massage I got as a present from my mom was great (Did I even write about it? I should have.) Tomorrow I'm booked for the facial, courtesy of my stepmom. Still have another spa day present on offer from my mom. I may feel like shit a lot of the time, but maybe I'll look kind of decent, at least.
I also went out and bought myself some new sneakers and a pair of lovely lilac colored Dr. Scholls today. Dr. Scholls are a crazy concept though. You have to live through a few weeks of total foot agony until you break them in and they can start to work their healthy, beneficial foot magic on you. Dr. Scholls remind me of when I used to go to summer camp. It's best to try not to run in those things because when they end up slipping forward and you come down on the back heel edge with the middle of the sole of your foot it hurts like hell! Wait. Why did I buy them again? Oh yeah, because they're cute.

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