Friday, April 30, 2004

Cosmic Chaos

It's a very good thing that I have a good sense of humor and an appreciation for absurdity. I drove to the real estate agent's office in Exeter this morning and was informed that the guy I am renting the apartment from hadn't realized that tomorrow was May 1st! So, it turns out I will not be moving into the new apartment tomorrow. I could be in there as early as Monday or as late as May 15. For my troubles, they knocked half a month's rent off the bill, so if I do get in there on Monday I'll have saved a few hundred dollars for my patience and understanding.
Mercury is just leaving retrograde and we're in between two eclipses. I keep an eye on the astral weather so none of the twists and turns really surprise me all that much. At least not mentally and emotionally. My neck, shoulders and head, on the other hand, feel like someone has been beating them with a club. I've already taken two rounds of ibuprofen today and none of it has made much of a dent in the headache.
It's beautiful out today. Seems more like summer than spring. Suppose I'll try to get out and enjoy it later on. I think what I need right now is a nap.

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