Tuesday, January 27, 2004


And I'm not talking about the primary, even though it's turned out to be quite interesting. Kerry took the vote, but Dean's speech was big, I thought. His timing was great. He waited until all the other candidates had finished their simultaneous speeches and had the airwaves all to himself. His supporters were throwing around crazy amounts of energy and the speech itself was so wide and hopeful. I could almost hear the springs of the bounce he was getting out of it.

But that is not my victory.

The victory of which I write is much more personal and sweeter. Over the past months, I have chronicled some of the trials and tribulations I have suffered with Sears. I accepted the washing machine with the hoses hooked up wrong and the dented dryer. I dealt with going down to Newington to pick up an order from the warehouse and having the guy forget one box so I had to go back down the next day and no one ever even apologized. I dealt with the snotty salespeople who'd rather talk to each other than a customer and the damn Sears telemarketers pushing extended warranties too. But I couldn't accept being charged almost $200 for an order that had been confirmed cancelled. And now Sears has finally admitted they see things my way.
Yes, today I received a letter from Sears (yet again addressed Dear Sears Card Customer) that tells me they have resolved the matter and even offers an apology. Well paint me red and call me an apple-- an actual apology from Sears.
Still not gonna shop there again. Wonder if all this public bellyaching I've done had any effect?

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