Friday, January 09, 2004

A Day of Interesting Developments

Today brought some really interesting developments despite being such a freezing ass cold day. It looks like I have hooked up with a potential new translation client. They seem to get quite a bit of game work, which is really interesting, but the deadlines and workloads can be killer. Then again, when the weather reports say it's -20 windchill outside, I am certainly grateful for any income producing activity that I can do in the comfort of my own home. I'm more than happy to sit at my desk and occasionally look out upon the pretty icy world while I get lost in the words and the messages. And if I could be writing dialogue for video game characters instead of serving up content for glossy pamphlets for IT projects, so much the better.
The other development is equally cool. I have been contacted by the after school enrichment program because my offer to teach about Japanese culture in a 6 week after school program was accepted.So now I'm going to get to teach a group of first to fourth graders about Japan. I've never worked with kids that age before, so I'm kind of nervous, but it should be fun. And it feels like what I should be doing. At least part of the reason I spent 12 years over there had to have been so I could come back here and teach about it. Because you know it's a sure thing that this country could do with having a lot more people who knew a lot more about the rest of the world.

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