Friday, January 30, 2004

My Favorite Quote

I've had a very loosely remembered quote floating about my head for years. It was about various combinations of looking normal or not and thinking normal or not. I knew it was by Norman Mailer, who I am kind of sketchy on because I really can't just go around memorizing every intelligent and witty person on the planet, ok?
I googled (is that non-capitalized anymore already?) various combinations of Norman Mailer, quote, normal, different and only found it in one place, an interview in Vancouver magazine with a guy who is the owner and founder of an athletic clothing company that sells the hippest brand of yoga pants in Vancouver. (who knew?)
Here is the quote:
�If you are crazy then you�d better dress normal, and if you are normal then you�d better dress crazy, or no one will ever talk to you.�

Come to think of it, that quote pretty much pinned the end to my punk rock phase.

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