Wednesday, January 28, 2004

FOX News is Rabid

Anyone who chooses to watch FOX News with any regularity must be stupid. I was watching the primary returns last night and FOX was one of three channels in a row covering the speeches live, so I occasionally perched there during the coverage.
What the hell is up with the ALERT STATUS ELEVATED scrolling nonsense bullshit on the bottom of the screen. What is the purpose of that? It is never accompanied by any details as to why the status has been elevated and/or what sort of specific threat could be awaiting. All it seems intended to do is to set off waves of internal panic and a sense of impending doom. It's a big head game.
If you click on that banner about CBS censorship below you can also poke around and get info about how CBS and FOX have some legislation on the burner that will allow them to grow bigger. Having them control more of the media is not what I'd like to see.

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