Tuesday, January 06, 2004

So How Was Acoustic Bolt?

Uhhhhh, it was ok I guess. Nobody threw anything at us or anything. It was a light crowd, being the day after New Year's Eve and all. Some friends showed up, so there was ample opportunity to chat and I even got to talk mixed martial arts a little with Toby, which is something I've wanted to do for a while because I know he's into it, and not many people really are. Not around here anyway. He said there weren't any grappling schools around here. That's a shame because grappling is really where it's at for practical and/or conditioning purposes. Not like I'm in any kind of shape to actually do any mixed martial arts now though.
However, Shiro has finished redoing the basement and we now have our own little home gym. It's awesome. I had my first workout yesterday morning. I took it easy on myself because I haven't worked out with weights in over a year and I know I'm starting from zero. That's the cool point though-- I can build anew. Last time I trained a lot I was at the dojo and I was training to fight. I can still use some of the methods, but I'll definitely pass on the 700 consecutive quarter squats and the knuckle pushups.

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