Friday, January 23, 2004

Never Would Have Thought

I've been acting all grumpy about a phone interpretation job I've been asked to do via UNH because 1) I'm not getting paid for it and 2) I've been waiting around for someone to send me some materials so I can prep for the job. All I was told was that a Japanese journalist wanted to speak to a UNH prof about the NH primary and the election process and they wanted to know if an interpreter could be made available to facilitate. I consider myself a translator much more than an interpreter, but I have found the interpreting I've done so far interesting. And even if I'm working for free, it's still good experience and can go on my resume, so I said I'd do it.
Little did I suspect that the journalist I'm going to be helping out is Asahi TV announcer Tamayo Marukawa,someone I used to watch on Japanese TV all the time. Now I'm all excited about it. (Holden Caulfield would probably call me a phony, huh?)

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