Thursday, January 08, 2004

19 Days and Counting

It's kind of funny that I am a registered Democrat living in NH and I haven't written anything about the presidential primary yet. I don't really watch much tv, so I don't see the dumb tv ads. I don't get any newspapers or magazines. I read the local paper online and get NY Times headlines and summaries by email every day. I also check Google news sometimes. No campaigners have come door to door here and there haven't been any phone calls either. Most of my election related exposure comes from driving past the various campaign offices in town.
I do know that there was a meeting with John Kerry and free chili at the Elks Lodge in Dover tonight. I know this from the hand lettered signs and placards around town that announced the event with the Free Chili part written in letters as big as the candidate's name. I liked that. The weather is doing the heavy arctic thing around here right now, minus windchill and crystal clear, but I'm not sure if that would really affect attendence since at least the roads are clear.
I do my fair share of checking out candidates' websites and following the general flow of things. My gut feeling is that the only Democrat in the bunch who has a chance of beating Bush in the general election is Wes Clark.

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