Monday, August 29, 2005

Hitting The Wall or Deciding to Stop Beating My Head Against It

It's kind of funny how once things go past a certain point of absurdity it's not even worth getting upset about them anymore. I have been bitching and moaning and struggling with my employer for a couple of years about how there is a real demand for courses in the subject I teach and I have been paid a little lip service, but basically ignored when it comes right down to it. And now that I have gone ahead and made other plans for myself and classes have already started, I am being asked if I could now do more.
You know what? I don't think I can. Not without a little more financial incentive anyway.


momof2 said...

Firmly stand your ground, Pam!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they'll realize both your value to them and the value of your subject. Sounds like they may be halfway there.

While altruism is a commendable characteristic, definitely hold out for some incentive.


Pam said...

The problem is they're getting halfway there and in my mind I'm halfway gone. And in the meantime I have to gently handle my students' expectations that I am trying to help them get the education they are paying for. I do what I can and more than I should (or am compensated for), but eventually something's got to give. I'm afraid my patience for the situation is what's going to give first.

Lucio Strei said...

I do not think so.