Sunday, August 14, 2005

Quick & Dirty Guide to Ice Cream Places I Frequent

#1 favorite of the moment-- The Daily Scoop, Rt 236, Eliot, ME
Large selection of home-made ice cream in flavors other shops don't have. $1.95 for the "ultra-mini" which is the same as a kiddie size at Golicks and Dover Delite or a regular at Annabelle's. Also has Glorai Jeans coffee, sandwiches, subs and salads. The soft serve smalls are also $1.95 and HUGE.

Local standby favorite-- Golicks, Dover Point Rd, Dover NH
Large selection of home-made ice cream. Seasonal and ice cream only. I think it's $2.00 for a kiddie size and $2.50 for a small. (I never order anything bigger than the smallest servings around here because even they are not really small.) The only ice cream shop I've ever seen around here with cute guys working there. My sister once spotted a tip jar there that said "Saving for a new girlfriend". So much more fun than the typical "saving for college" messages.

Local standby backup favorite-- Dover Delite, Chestnut St., Dover, NH
Another seasonal ice cream shack. Serves Shains of Maine ice cream. Same (or similar) prices as Golicks. The parking lot is a big bad accident waiting to happen. Once customers start parking near the picnic tables there is only one way in or out and when the lines get long they start to interfere with the traffic flow. Good ice cream. Sometimes seems understaffed. Big portions.

Once upon a time was a favorite-- Annabelle's, Ceres St., Portsmouth, NH
$2.70 for a regular, which equals a kiddie or ultr-mini size elsewhere. Great ice cream. Quaint Portsmouth location near the tug boats. Air conditioner is always cranked so high I can't wait to get out of there.Typical, kind of snotty, Portsmouth customer service attitude.

The Good Old Days-- The Ice House, Wentworth Rd, Rye NH (the part near Newcastle, between BJs Boast House and the golf course)
Ice cream windows and an inside dining room. It's always packed. I haven't been for a few years, but they have the very best buttercrunch ice cream ever. It's all I ever order. Reminds me of being a kid before Rye and Newcastle got so upscale.

If you're on Rt. 1/Lafayette Rd-- Lone Oak, Rt 1, Rye, NH
This place has been in existence as a seasonal ice cream take out place since the dawn of time (i.e., since I can remember). They have a huge parking lot and a billion serving windows so I think they can handle the crowds. Massive servings and picnic tables so you don't have to drip all over your car.


Bob said...

Never been to the Daily Scoop. Otherwise, I'm surprised we haven't run into each other during an ice cream run. LOL

You'll have to tap me on the shoulder if we ever do since I have no idea what you or Chosen look like.

Heidi said...

have you ever been to the Lone Oak in Rye? Oh mi god, huge portions, cheap prices, and a very good selection of homemade flavors. yummy! we have a place near us called the 'flying cow' that serves Giffords, i think, and it also rates a visit.

Pam said...

Bob-- My sister lives over on the other side of Dover so it's not too far to make the run over to Eliot from there. I think the place used to be a tea room for a short time. So far I've tried the apple crisp and blueberry cheescake flavors.
I'll keep an eye out for you next time I'm at one of the local spots.

Heidi-- Lone Oak is very good too. I sometimes go there when I visit my dad in Rye, but haven't been there this summer. The two girls (of 5 siblings) who lived next door when I was a kid used to take us there after they got their driver's licenses, back when it was the Big Scoop .
Another place I love is the Ice House in Newcastle. They have the best butter crunch. The Dairy Bar in Durham is great too. Crazy huge portions there.

YouWho said...

The Wright Place didn't make the cut!?

Pam said...

Is the Wright Place the one in Stratham? I went there a couple of times last summer when I was living in Newmarket. It's good too, but a little far out of my normal loop.

YouWho said...

Oh how quickly you forget!

I see how it is... the Wright Place is fine for a quicky lime rickey when your in town to see the Fair, but not the kind of ice cream place you'd get into a relationship with.

Pam said...

Well, if I lived closer I might expand my polyicecreamerous relations to include it, but yeah, I guess it was kind of a Wright Place at the right time fling. :p <--- for ice cream licking purposes, of course.

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