Sunday, August 28, 2005


Two summers ago I wrote about how I could tell something was getting ready to change in the meadow down the street. It used to look like the picture below.

Yesterday morning as I walked past that former field on my way to my former home to pick up my dog, who is still at least partially mine, I took a few photos that illustrate what happened after. Seven single family homes and a retirement home, plus three more new homes in on the other side of the street. At least the family that lived in that nice cape on the left in the picture below who thought a large plastic deer would make a fine lawn attraction in a field that used to have real live deer in it have already sold that new home and moved on and taken their resin mammal with them.


YouWho said...

Since you don't live there anymore, can I ask what road this is off?

Pam said...

Do you mean off or on?

YouWho said...

Well, I kind of assumed the houses were "on" a new development road which was "off" an old existing road. Garrison. Got it. Thanks.