Thursday, August 04, 2005

One is Okay Too

Day. Word. Another day another dollar or actually just cents on the dollar per word. Yesterday did utterly and truly suck, as those who had to deal with me not dealing well with it could attest, but that was yesterday.
I was up not too long after 4am this morning and I'm feeling slightly heavy lidded but still rolling along. I finished the rush translation job for my long time agency in Tokyo. I hadn't heard from them in months and of course they show up with a job with a rush deadline and then the manuscript arrives a day late with the same deadline. I should charge them some kind of rush fee, but I won't. It's good enough that they have agreed to now send my payments to me here in the States rather than into my Japanese bank account that I have no access to right now. Oh well, when I finally get back there for a visit some day at least I'll have some spending money.
I also got to join my sister for lunch. Usually we meet up for breakfast at Harvey's, that spectacularly and truly retro throwback coffee shop in downtown Dover. She was working in Portsmouth so I decided to go join her down there. Neither of us were feeling up to socializing with those great guys at Belle Peppers so we went to Geno's Coffee Shop instead. Geno's is cool. It's tucked back along the river in the South End. The menu is simple and straight forward-- lobster rolls, chowder, some standard green salads, sandwiches and burgers. You get a little bag of chips on the side with a sandwich or burger. White or wheat. I had a BLT. She had a tuna sandwich. Nothing fancy going on with that menu unless you count those homemade pies and deserts. And they were pretty straight forward too. I was tempted to have a slice of blueberry pie but had to go with my favorite-- lemon meringue. We sat at a table inside although all the other customers waited, preferring to get seated on the outside deck covered by a striped awning.
One thing I noticed is that twice women came into the restaurant alone and when the young woman working there asked about seating by asking if they were a party of one, both rather apologetically said "just one." I wanted to tell them both to not say "just". One is okay too.
Me and sis are going through our own versions of bumpy times right now, but as long as we get to hang out and share a meal and take some time to spend together talking it starts not to seem as bad as it did. It's good having a sister.

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dangergirlnh said...

Yes it truly is!!!! XOXO