Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What a Man

Not only did my wonderful boyfriend take me to see the Rolling Stones last night, he fixed the iBook power adapter I destroyed with the vacuum cleaner today. Yup, I've got me a keeper all right.
How did I destroy the adapter, you ask? Well, I have a central vac in my apartment and usually I use the mellow vacuum head, but since my dog has been shedding enough that I could make a twin for him with the fallen hair on the carpet, I decided to take out the big, badass separately powered vacuum cleaner head today. I was doing my usual coverage of the living room carpet and had the coffee table pushed back so I could do a good job. I didn't pay much mind to the dangling white iBook cord until it was wrapped a few times around the rotating vacuum head and ripped out about a quarter inch from the base of the adapter. It was such a stupid thing to do that I didn't even bother getting mad about it. I just sort of marveled at my stupidity instead.
Mr. Wonderful Boyfriend is good at fixing things of an electronic nature, so I alerted him to the situation while I browsed the web and learned that replacement adapters go for about $60. He came over with his soldering iron and in about 20 minutes had the whole thing fixed and working again.
Yeah, he rocks. Big time.


Anonymous said...

He rocks until your ibook gets fried because of the shoddy repair job.

Chosen said...

Well, it's only an iBook, afterall. She's got two REAL computers of mine at her place that she can use if the Macintoy bites the dust. One of those computers is a dual-boot laptop with winXP and linux, so I can't figure out why she still uses the iBook at all.

momof2 said...

what a MacGyver! that is so cool