Thursday, September 01, 2005

Why I Don't Like Neighbors #2

I live in a duplex. The downstairs neighbor and I share a utility room that has hook ups for two sets of washers and dryers. The downstairs neighbor recently purchased a washer and dryer and shoved all her crap that was taking up that space further down into the back of the utiity room. That's fine. Whatever. The only thing I keep down there is my snow shovel and my bike. If she doesn't mind my muddy mountain bike hanging over her open box of clothing, that's fine with me.
I just went downstairs to put a load of laundry into my machine. When I opened the door I was assaulted by the smell of pee, which I trust was emanating from the hamper of dirty clothes she has left sitting on the floor right inside the door. The tops of my washer and dryer were covered in sand and there was even sand inside my washer. Of course the clothes in the hamper she left sitting there are sandy. Maybe it's even a mixed smell of pee and moldering sea water. I wasn't in the mood to analyze it too deeply. Maybe she has burnt out her olfactory receptors with her potpourri and is unaware.
I'll admit I was a sneaky neighbor and peeked inside her washer to see if it was full of sand. Nope, it was full of what I would guess is the load of clothes she put in there yesterday afternoon before she drove off. I always thought if you leave wet clothes, even clean wet clothes, sitting in a small dark confined space for a day or so they could start to mold. Anyway, I've never left a load of clean clothing sitting in a washer for more than a half hour or so. Even if you leave clothes in the dryer they'll get wrinkled, but at least they won't get funky. Call me crazy, but my rule of thumb is to not start a load of laundry until I have enough time to see if straight through to the folding the dried clothes end of things.
I really want my own house where at least I can be related to the people who piss me off. It's easier to tell them to stop being gross slobs. Not that they are, but if they were at least I'd feel okay telling them.


momof2 said...

ew.. you mean she used your washer for the sandy things?

I don't know how polite i'd be about disgusting things like that happening!

Are you gonna say something to her?

I live in a complex with like fifty units. We share a laundry room. The other day I went to do a load of whites. I let the washer fill 1/3 full, then added bleach (so it'd be good and diluted) and the water turned a rust brown. I could not believe it. I just can't imagine why or how that happened. But it is so sick.

Pam said...

I don't think she necessarily used my machine, but she definitely either shook out her sandy things directly over my machines or put wet sandy stuff down on top of them. I bought my machines from the guys who used to live downstairs for $100 for the pair, so the lid on the washer isn't exactly air tight, or sand tight. Anyway, it still meant I had to go back upstairs to get stuff to clean it all off with.
My landlord happened to stop by yesterday, so I mentioned the situation then. I haven't said anything to the downstairs neighbor. I've got enough tension in my life at the moment without stirring it up with some chick I'm not really interested in dealing with in the first place.

Bob said...

We lived in a duplex but even the basements and attics were split so we didn't have to deal with that...just their cigarette smells coming through the walls...

momof2 said...

Yeah, sometimes you've got to just pick your battles.

Pam said...

Exactly. I had a different crisis that needed to be handled over the past couple of days. And even though last night I saw that the neighbor had a big back of trash down in the utility room, it was gone when I went to do laundry this morning, so I haven't said anything to her yet. I still think she's a slob.