Thursday, September 15, 2005

Clean Plate

My plate has been cleared of immediate big things I need to worry about. After spending an admirably minimal amount of time pondering the "what if?" question that could have easily arisen in light of the necessity of having to schedule a follow up to two mammographies with a surgeon-type doctor, it seems highly likely that minimal worries are exactly what is called for. I had my appointment with the doctor today and what I learned is that we will check again in six months to see what shows up in the pictures, but very most likely it is not anything evil and malignant. That's good because basically my total allotment of worry and obsessive time has been allocated to issues relating to divorce, custody, health of family members and crappy compensation at my highly enjoyable job, so I really didn't have any capacity left to devote to worrying about the possibility of breast cancer right this moment anyway.
So, ladies, the lesson of the day is regular monthly breast self exams. And just in case any of you were wondering-- no, I am not considering or accepting applications for assistants in this matter.


momof2 said...

Geez.. I have been through this scare. What a nightmare and constant acid-reflux kinda worry. I'm glad you're ok.

Bob said...

Sorry to hear that you faced such a scare. The good news is that with regular exams and testing you can catch anything bad early. The bad news is that it gives you something to worry about.

Pam said...

Thanks for the kind words. Even though I had myself thinking that it wasn't really something I was actively worrying about I felt sooooo much better after seeing the doctor and having him tell me I needn't be overly concerned.