Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sweet and Sticky?

It seems the hunks (hunks of what?) of the locally internationally famous band Shuttle Cock have received a cease and desist order from a similarly named band in Ohio that will not step up to the plate in any manly kind of way and duel it out by having a rock-off in a geographically neutral location, as was suggested by the men of NH's own Shuttle Cock. I'm sure the local boys would have kicked ass and retained their name had the issue been settled in this way.
Anyway, Portsmouth's own Shuttle Cock will be renaming and from henceforth be known to us all as...(dramatic, anticipatory pause) The Frosting. I predict many references to licking will accompany the name change.
Hmm, I wonder if this will create a great spike in value for my Shuttle Cock t-shirt now.
Oh, and they're playing tonight at the Brick House in Dover, too.


YouWho said...

The Frosting? These guys should have engaged Kreblog's professionaly band naming services.

Pam said...

Yeah, probably. They all claim to be striped bass assasins. I think even that would have been a better name choice than The Frosting, but no one asked me! (not like I ever talk to any of them much)