Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Take a Walk

I took some good advice yesterday and went for a walk with my dog in the woods and fields. There are not many sights more beautiful to me than watching that pup fly and frolic with a huge grin on his face. I managed to stay pretty clean despite the mud. The dog was a mess so I had to give him a quick bath as soon as we got home. There were no ticks to be found either.
I called my mother last night to drop the news about the possible class cancellation and to figure out a plan for Mother's Day. I love my mother dearly, but "What are you going to do about a job?" is not a question I am prepared to answer right at this very moment. The more I spoke with her, the more I realized that she lacks a lot of information about my situation at the moment (and she doesn't read the blog). I also realized I am under no obligation to expose all the details to her. I love her. She loves me. She wishes the best for me and wants to see me happy and not under quite this much stress. It bothers me to make her worry. Same goes for my dad. But it's my life, not theirs. They are just going to have to trust that I know what I'm doing.

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