Saturday, May 08, 2004

A Reprieve

Word around the trenches has it that my intermediate class now has enough students registered for it to fly next semester. When I sent my boss an email asking about it he said it looked like the class would run, but he wasn't 100% sure yet. What I really want to know is why the hell the administration was ready to cancel it a full week before registration ended. Fine. Lovely. Whatever. The threat of a cancellation was a shock to me, but it was just one more piece of shocking news in a week full of them.
What really weighs on my mind is when I can move into the new apartment. I went over today to meet the guy I'm subletting from and the owner of the property. That went well. The apartment is great. And I'll be in by next Saturday at the latest. Yes, it could really be yet another week until I can go, but the lease is signed and my check has been cashed so it's going to happen eventually.
Every day feels like a week. My secret that I didn't really want to be a secret anyway seems to be slipping out and that's okay with me. I'm shedding my old skin and everyone is just going to have to stand back and deal with what I am becoming. I'm becoming less of what they expect and becoming more of me.

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