Monday, May 31, 2004

Holiday Weekend

So, here it is Monday evening of Memorial Day Weekend. What did I do? Spent Saturday relaxing at home while the roofers pounded up on the roof. Went exploring on Sunday with my daughter and scoped out a good swimming spot for the summer, figured out which road to take to get to the town landing in Durham and then went back through the fields on this farm to walk down to the river. We saw two lady's slippers down there. The horses let us be, but one stood guard, keeping her eye on us the whole time. I chatted with my landlady a while and found out about a trail that leads off the property up to a Buddhist camp. Today I took my girl to Newington, where we got her some summer clothes, sandals and a bathing suit and got me a bathing suit, a pair of shorts and a job application.

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