Tuesday, March 30, 2004


About a year ago I dropped through a wormhole when I left Japan after 7 years and moved back to NH for the first time in two decades. I'm not even sure if I can call it a wormhole because the move was planned and intentional, but the effect was like a wormhole. Suddenly I was in a totally different world from what I had grown used to and what I had pruned myself to fit into. In Japan I had become sort of like a human bonsai, a little tree twisted and manipulated to look like a replica of something bigger and more natural. Then I came back here and rediscovered my roots, I guess.
Recently I've fallen through another wormhole. One I was not at all expecting. One that I would have thought could only be a figment of imagination. And my imagination has been known to be much further reaching than reality gets most times. It hasn't exactly taken me anywhere physically, but I'm someplace very different in every other way. It's new. It's nice. It's deep. I feel unbound and able to spread my roots a little deeper and my branches up to reach the sky.

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