Wednesday, March 10, 2004


I guess it's not a good thing when the boss sends out a note that announces the department must make a 20% cut in non-tenured staff and you happen to be non-tenured staff. Wonder if I'm going to have more free time next year than I counted on having. (And less income.)
It would be nice if my horoscope were right just this once. Here's what Jonathon Cainer had to say today:
If you have a comfortable, weatherproof environment, what does it matter how hard it rains? Only if your protection looks likely to let the elements in, is there a need to worry. Think of yourself now as fundamentally safe and sound. The worst a passing storm can do is enter through a small hole in your roof and spoil one tiny area of an otherwise comfortable room. Better to put up with this philosophically than to climb outside to cover the gap and end up drenched!

Yeah, hope it means something.

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