Thursday, March 18, 2004


I thought I was just joking when I made comments that Murkland Hall is haunted. Now I'm not sure who the joke's on. I'm here by myself in the Language Resource Center digitizing some video for class materials. I've been selecting appropriate news stories and pulling them into the computer. I was going to subtitle some video I already have in here, but I'm having trouble with the audio, so I figured at least I can get more files completed since I'm already here. I got three different clips in and then needed to go to the bathroom. I left the lab and came back and now the computer tells me no camera is attached. Nothing has changed with the set up. I checked all the cables, closed and restarted the program, shut down and restarted the computer, shut off and turned on the vcr, the vcr monitor and the Director's Cut box.
"No camera attached"
And then the vcr, which I had stopped, just started rolling again while I'm typing this.
That's spooky. Maybe I'm done here for the day.

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