Thursday, March 04, 2004

Birthday Ramble

Hmm, so the birthday is here. Wish I had time to reflect on the past year at leisure, but leisure doesn't really fit the schedule these days. Insta-reflection mode tells me that the past year has been spectacular and everything has worked out even better than I imagined. What's not to like? I even got to start the day with birthday greetings from near and far (see the comments. Thanks K! and Bob, but you're near not far).
I figure it's also my dog's birthday because we adopted him on May 18 and he was roughly 10.5 weeks old, which by my math means he could share my birthday.
I'm used to sharing a birthday. Kate was a year younger than me to the day, but she exited the realm 10 years ago. We had the same birthday for 27 years together. I still miss her.

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