Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spring What?

So yeah, spring break. This is my spring break so far-- wake up on Monday morning, shower, wake the girl, make her lunch, get dressed for work, bring girl to school, drive to my dad's office and work in Quickbooks in a cubical next to the fax machine from 8:30 to 11:30. After that I got to drive out to my dad's farm and pick up my brother in law and drive him back to Dover since he had to return a car he had been borrowing. By the time I got back home and had some lunch I had about 20 minutes before I went to get my girl at school. Day two of vacation was pretty much the same except I went to my uncle's store and worked there entering invoices and figuring out which bills to pay first. At least the afternoon was some fun. After I got the girl from school we went to the indoor pool and swam during the free swim time. It was the first time I swam since last summer. I really ought to do that more often.
Day three of break looks to feature getting homework done, possibly some shopping and taking in a school band concert at the middle school in the evening. Guess I'm setting my sights on summer time for some real vacation time.

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