Thursday, March 09, 2006

Get Over It

Today is apparently Get Over It Day. It is also my sister's birthday. There's a whole long list of things I should probably get over, but since I'm a beginner at this I'll just start with a few. I'm going to get over the fact that our latest band formation was so stupidly short lived as to barely count. Anyway, I got to miss out on the thankfully brief drama portion of things and we still have the drummer on board in theory, so all is not lost. And I will try to at least partially get over the endlessly continuing legal bullshit with my ex. I'm certainly over him. Just wish I could wrap up the rest of it now. (yeah, wrap it up and dispose of in a toxic safe container.)

1 comment:

Chosen said...

Hey, my first band lasted just as long and we manged to change singers twice and bass players once during that time.

It's okay, though, because I'm already over it. :)