Thursday, March 02, 2006

Here's Some News

Life is just really weird sometimes. It seems that I have a new band. We don't have a name but we've practiced two weeks in a row and agree that we are a band, so we're a band. The crazy thing is who else is in the band. It's me, my sis, Jim T of Electric Cave and many bands that he has been kicked out of fame, and Wimpy who was originally in The Queers and is now in The Jabbers and sometimes also the Drunken Cholos. If you're not up on your punk rock knowledge that's probably not going to mean much to you. If you are, it's friggin crazy to think that's who I'm playing with now. Except it isn't because those guys have been around here forever too and we all have things in common. We all played ice hockey. Three of us went to Portsmouth High (different years). Wimpy was the drummer for the first band my sister was ever in. Jim and Wimpy have known each other for years. I've known Jim for years and sort of known Wimpy for years. We've been talking about playing together for months but it didn't happen for so long that I thought it wouldn't ever happen. I even tried to back out of it the first time it was scheduled to happen because I felt I wouldn't be playing well enough to do it and I didn't feel worthy, or something.
Anyway, it's cool. We're having fun. I laugh myself to tears at least once a practice. I got to jam with Joe King (Joe Queer, whatever you want to call him) last night because he was at the studio when we were there to practice. I still don't know what to make of it. Part of me is saying "Holy shit! I can't believe this!". And another part of me is thinking this is a shit load of fun and I'm comfortable and not nearly as intimidated as I'd imagine I would be.

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