Sunday, March 26, 2006

How I Learned to Stop Worrying... oh wait, never mind

Like I'm really ever going to stop worrying. Right.
Anyway, working on worrying less now, which sets me up to be able to worry about how I'm not working hard enough on reducing the amount of energy I spend worrying. ;)
Girls nights out are always a good way to relax and Sis and I managed to have one last night. We went down to the Barley Pub to see our buddies in Hot Rod Fury play. I hadn't been to the Barley Pub since they renovated. It's still basically the same woody, pubby atmosphere as before, but the ventilation system has been greatly improved. Despite it's totally hippyishness at times, I like the Barley Pub. They only serve beer and wine, no hard liquor, so it's always pretty mellow. I was in the mood for a stout but didn't want to go with the same old Guinness (nothing wrong with Guinness, mind you, just sometimes you want to try something else) and asked the bartender what other stouts they had that he could recommend. He told us they also have Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout. Sis wondered aloud if it was one of those put you on your ass kind of libations and he said no, actually it has a 5.2% alcohol content, about the same as a regular beer. It's a nice stout-- tasty, not too heavy, and not a put you on your ass kind of libation. I liked it so much I had two.
So, why am I writing all about the beer when I really went out for the music? Because the music was, unfortunately, not the high point. The pairing of bands was... weird, and it didn't work out very well. Hot Rod Fury played about four songs and were done. Most of the crowd (and our friends) left with them. I still had half a beer to finish and kind of regretted having ordered it because it meant I had to sit through more of the second band. It's a shame to chug a fine brew, so I sipped and chatted with Sis and some lingering friends who also had beers to finish, but the music eventually drove us away and we left and were home by 10:45. Our plan had been to go out from 9 to 11 and we didn't even fulfill that. Anyway, it was enough. It was fun and relaxing, even if I did have to wash my jacket this morning to get the cigarette smoke smell out.

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