Thursday, March 09, 2006

Duped? Not Really

This afternoon I went to my dad's office to meet up with him and my sister so we could all go out to lunch and celebrate sis' birthday. In honor of her day, which she insisted was still our day since we tend to combine our closely situated birthdays into a week long cause for celebration, she got to chose the restaurant and came up with the excellent idea of going to The Metro in Portsmouth. I hadn't been there in ages, but it's such a great place and one of the first and certainly one of the longest standing fine dining establishments in Portsmouth. The weather was cloudy, wet and raw which made the classic, dark wood paneled atmosphere of The Metro seem perfectly cozy. They have a great lunch menu and the service is very good as well.
I had been planning on going home after lunch to catch up on some laundry and some homework for my paralegal classes. As of the end of classes this morning, I am on spring break from the university for the next week. I still have to study for paralegal classes and go work at my uncle's store, but I've been tossing around ideas about what I'd like to do with my extra free time next week. Little did I suspect that instead going home to putter, I would be going back to the office with Dad and sis and working there for the rest of the afternoon, gaining myself yet another part-time job in the process. Sis works fulltime as a bookkeeper for dad and she also does the bookkeeping for some of his other business ventures on a freelance basis. This all grew out of her starting out by helping my uncle with his bookkeeping last year. When she left to go work fulltime for Dad, I inherited the job with my uncle. Now I seem to have inherited some of the freelance work from Dad. It's not a bad thing. It's income. Income is good. It's not all that tough. I just need to be accurate and make sure the numbers all work out. I'm learning about the family businesses and what they entail. And yet, it has nothing to do with anything I've been educated to do. It doesn't really fit into my long range vision of my life, other than that it keeps me from being really poor instead of kind of poor. It is helping out my family when they need assistance. Sis is drowning in too much work, Dad needs the stuff taken care of and I am able to help. Something about it all just seems a little weird. I mean, I just went there to meet up for lunch, not to be recruited as a hired hand. Could be worse; at least I get paid for it.
Still, all those years going as far, far away as possible and then I come back and within a few years, boom! Here I am, back more into the thick of it than I ever was before.

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