Friday, January 06, 2006

A Night of Firsts

Last night I saw my first Queers show, went to the Stone Church for the first time since it reopened and had my first ride in a cop car. Who said all the fun ends when the holidays are over?
The show at the Stone Church was fun. I really liked three out of the four bands that played and had a good time. The ride in the cruiser was not accompanied by any kind of arrest for criminal activity, public drunkeness or bad behavior. My boyfriend's car got towed because of the winter parking ban in Newmarket and the cop supervising the towing was nice enough to offer us a ride to the tow lot. My observations of the back seat of a cruiser are as follows: hard plastic seats with odd ergonomics; not much leg room; the plexiglass divider looks pretty sturdy; there is a handle in the door of the backseat, but you can't open it from the inside. It was probably (hopefully) a once in a lifetime experience and I kind of enjoyed it, especially since I can now boast that me and my boyfriend have ridden in a cop car together. How many other people can say that?

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