Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I've Got a Business to Run Here

Today was my first day solo handling bookkeeping and related activity at my uncle's store. I thought I'd be able to cruise in and get everything up to speed in a couple of hours, but of course that's not how it went. I had vendors calling asking what I wanted to do about duplicate payments. I had to deal with a building tenant who called asking for a timeframe on the work being done on the building since the fumes were not conducive to a relaxing and therapuetic atmosphere for her massage therapy business. I found mistakes in the records and notices that new authorization forms are needed to continue the payroll service.By the time I had gotten through dealing with all the surprises the two hours had more than passed and I really only got through opening the mail to see what's waiting there for me to take care of next time.
Suppose I also need to find a few hours to get to school and print out the syllabi for the new semester that starts next week. And only about 80 more pages of probate law textbook to get through for the week. I have to take my car in Thursday morning for an oil change. And make a couple of doctor's appointments for routine stuff. I need a hair cut, too. There's probably more that I'm forgetting at the moment, but the cup is way full at the moment. What the hell am I doing and how in the world do I think I can get it all done? I'll get it all done well enough, I suppose. And at this point, good enough is good enough for me.

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