Thursday, January 26, 2006

Got Through It

I survived the first afternoon of being a corporate trainer and will go back and do it again today. I guess it didn't totally suck then. Actually, it went pretty well. There were five people in attendance and at the end of the afternoon they told me that the information I provided was valuable to them. I think one or two of the guys didn't particularly like what I had to say about the way things get done in Japan and the way communication takes place, but at least now they have a little insight into how their counterparts in Japan might look at things.
I ran out of material before I ran out of time, so I dipped into some of the material I was planning to go over in today's workshop. Yesterday was more of a macro view about Japanese cultural norms, attitudes and approaches. Today we will be getting into the details of protocol and etiquette. We'll do a little bit of lanugage training for grettings, the infamous business card exchange, go over dining etiquette, drinking etiquette, getting from point A to point B and other fun stuff like that. I'm a little worried I may not have another 4 full hours of information for them, but today I will speak more slowly and see if I can get some of the guys who have been to Japan before to share more of their experiences. I should also throw together a quick feedback questionairre to see if they have any suggestions on how to improve my product/schtick.


Bob said...

Hmm...somehow must make ass comment fit...OH! Wear low-cut jeans and a g-string, write on the board and say 'blah blah blah' the whole time and let us know how it goes.

Pam said...

LOL! Hey, that's what I do when I teach at school. (NOT!)
The corporate thing went well, despite a lack of low-rise jeans and g-string.

I'm thinking maybe I ought to just rename this blog Pam's Ass Blog, though. ;p