Wednesday, January 25, 2006


It's snowing again today, but the local school system didn't cancel or delay the school day, so I dropped the girl off and came to my school. I picked up my mail and found the evaluations from last semester. I must have fed them a love drug or something before they wrote those things. I'm like Sally Field-- "They like me! They really like me!"
Someone in the elementary class wrote せんせいはしりがすきです(sensei ha shiri ga suki desu), which translates to "Teacher likes butts." (yes, as in behinds, booty, ass, what have you.) I'm not sure if they are implying that I have some sort of butt fetish or if they're trying to make a comment that they like mine. If it is the latter, it proves me right. I've said for years that one of my main motivations for dieting or staying in shape is because when I'm up writing on the board I don't want people looking and thinking, "Man, she has a big ass." I don't necessarily want them thinking "Oh, she has a nice ass" either. Really, they shouldn't be paying attention to my ass in the first place, but since most of them are in late adolescence, their minds may wander that way.
I have to go teach my first, independent, corporate workshop today. I hope the whole enthusiasm + ass concept works as well on them as it does on the college students. (sarcasm, people, it's sarcasm.)


Bob said...

I dunno...I'm well past my college years and still check out the ass of any female instructor that crosses my path.

Chosen said...

As do I, especially one as nice as Pam's!

Anonymous said...

Shame on you or congratulations.